Go to most of the places in the world that have problems and you will hear certain people repeatedly say there is “no problem”:


Pas de problème (French)

Mei Wenti (Mandarin)

Tsy manine (Malagasy)

Ntangorané (Kirundi)

Hakuna Matata (Swahili)


The reason why certain people say there is no problem is partly because of their perspective and attitude toward problems and partly because extreme conditions create people who develop unique problem solving skills.

Episode 4: Ntangoraneurs

The people with the rare courage to risk it all in order to do good and create change.

Inventing the Future

It has become common to use the term “disruptive” when referring to innovation and entrepreneurs.

As if this is some good thing.


Episode 3: Inventing the Future

A look in the eye, and the determination to achieve change. Collaboration is the answer to solving global problems.

Stronger than Steel

Investors spend time with analysts.

Analysts ask the question “what?”

If all great new ventures answer the question “why?” all the naysayer-right-hand-man-shoeshine-analysts ask the question “what?”

They sputter things like, “money has no smell,” and recount the times that “snake oil salesmen” have come into their office seeking money and then the money disappears.

They want numbers.

They want certainty.