Inventing the Future

It has become common to use the term “disruptive” when referring to innovation and entrepreneurs.

As if this is a good thing.

To “Entreprend”

If all great new ventures start out by answering the “why” behind what they do, we should be able to start to view a pattern. When you know the answer of why you are disruptive, then the world becomes simpler. You can see it in others. You can work cross-culturally without the need for proficient language skills because you know who you are dealing with and why they are driven to disrupt.

People who can’t stand problems don’t stand for them. They take problems into their own hands. The word in French for taking things into your own hands is “entreprend.” An entrepreneur capable of creating disruptive technologies to solve problems can’t stand problems, won’t stand, doesn’t stand. They entreprend.

And you can see it in their eyes.

A Look in the Eye

His name is Johnson and he’s known as Hong Kong’s most active tycoon. You can see it in his eyes when he is standing on the other side of a room. Johnson Ko swam from mainland China to Hong Kong at the age of 12 and started selling goods on the street. He is in his 60s now. He has a magic touch for capitalism. But far more important is that he can see the look in the eyes of the disruptor.

When he heard about Kuang-Chi Science, he had to go and see. Yes, the Harry Potter cloak was super cool, but he had to go and see the look in their eyes. When he met Dr. Liu it was done. Johnson Ko helped Kuang-Chi go public and— as history will no doubt tell— he helped launch a revolution.

Unstoppable Forces

When the Solar Ship team was first walking down the main hallway of Kuang-Chi’s offices in Shenzhen, China, it was clear from 40 paces away: Dr. Liu had that look in his eyes. The laws of physics are used to answer the question of what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. But Dr. Liu and his team have expanded the laws of physics – broken through them. There is no immovable object. They are creating an unstoppable force.

That might sound high-minded. Arrogant, if you let a guard dog speak. But let’s come back to the question of why?

Why create an unstoppable force?

To solve the problems of humanity.


 Invent the Future

Some people can’t – won’t – stand by and watch problems get worse. They have to disrupt a problem. Or, at least, they have to try.

Ask Kuang-Chi’s team what their stock is trading at today, they might not know. They are not in the game for short-term gain. Ask them what problem they are solving today and you should buckle up.  They will take you for a ride into the future of a world where people around the globe collaborate to solve problems.

Look into their eyes.

You will see.

People who can’t, who wont stand by while problems grow. People with a commitment to use technology to solve problems and to invent a better future.