Solar Ship’s Year-End News Round-Up

So, this is Christmas. And what have we done?

2016, despite its moniker as “the worst year ever” — just refer to the deaths of Prince, David Bowie, and Muhammad Ali, the spread of Zika, Brexit or (how could we forget?) the election of Donald Trump — has been a pretty exciting one for us here at Solar Ship. We’ve had ups and downs, sure, but luckily they have largely coincided with aircraft takeoffs and landings. This month alone, Solar Ship execs headed to South Africa and Botswana to get the ball rolling for what will be an action-packed 2017.

Among other things, the new year promises to bring wealth in the form of significant new contracts, health as seen in our ongoing efforts to save lives, and happiness as we embark on missions in Canada, China and in Africa.

In the rush to close one year and excitement of opening another, we sometimes forget to reflect on all of the things that made 2016 grand. In the interest of wrapping up in a spirit of festivity and reflection, we’ve assembled a list of exciting moments from January to December.

If we’ve forgotten any, let us know via tweet, text, or email – or, show us by hashtagging #SolarShipLife on Instagram. On that note – which, you may have noticed, also served as a plug to gain more followers – we begin:

In February, our stronger-than-steel cloth was featured in Speciality Fabrics Review. As you likely know, being company employees, Solar Ship’s high-strength textile exterior is coated on the inside with a gas barrier and on the outside to prevent UV and environmental damage. This allows us, as SFR notes, to “[address] the buoyancy problem [of traditional airships] in ingenious ways, making fabric-skinned cargo aircraft a possible wave of the future.”

Le Monde covered Solar Ship in March, noting Justin Trudeau’s promise to provide targeted investment for green technologies. As the article aptly sums up, Pour ceux qui travaillent dans le secteur des technologies propres, l’avenir s’annonce plus prometteur que jamais / For those working in the clean technology sector, the future is brighter than ever.”

Beyond a feature piece in Le Monde, 2016 saw a major increase in Solar Ship’s French coverage. With articles in Le Figaro, CBC Radio-Canada, and Le blog des alternatives, we’re occupying valuable online space in a significant niche market – indeed, the majority of our followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram hail from French-speaking African nations. In case you missed it before, here is another plug for you to follow, like, and retweet us on social channels. You should tell your friends to do the same.

Throughout 2016’s gloriously warm autumn, the media’s eyes turned to Solar Ship as a viable solution for solving Canada’s transport problems. Jay met with CBC’s Dianne Buckner in October, and we were featured in On the Money and The National segments that same month.

Beyond this year’s external media coverage, we also embarked on exciting adventures of our own: in May, we signed an LOI with Kuang-Chi for the purchase of one Fossa and one Wolverine Kit;  in September, Manaf Freighters signed a $20-million deal to buy two Caracals and two Wolverines. This marks a giant step forward in the realization of our mission in Burundi. Determined to end the year with a bang, not a whimper, we inserted ourselves into a David-versus-Goliath showdown in November, in the form of a challenge to Lockheed Martin. With a trans-continental race set for 2018, the future is extraordinarily bright.

We’re so happy to have you along for the ride.

Happy holidays to everyone,

The Solar Ship Media Team